From the first analysis to the final conclusion, we always customise our services to our client's specific needs. We work closely with our client to provide the best possible strategy for the successful completion of each project.

First of all, we need to understand our client’s project scope and make sure that we are capable to meet the requirement. The source material will be analysed from the following points of view:

        target audience/market
        file format of the source text and desired output format
        word count, tools used, project duration
        references (previous translations, style guides, glossaries etc.)
        provides quotation for client approval
        official Confirmation from Client (Purchase Order/ PO)

Each translation project is allocated to a translator, who is carefully selected and best suited to the translation work. Upon completion of the translation, the original and translated text will be proofreaded by another suitably qualified translator to minimise any possible error by the original translator. If errors are found, the work will be passed back to the original translator for correction and proofing before sending to our client for review.


The translation quality control is designed to check the translation for the quality criteria listed herein:


        Cultural adaptation
        Grammar and Spelling
        Stylistic adequacy



Feedback from client

We value any feedbacks from our client, whether is about our translation, process or services. It is our pleasure to exchange information and we believe that is the key for us to improve and to provide better services.


It is our goal to establish and maintain a good and long-term relationship with our clients that is based on quality and mutual confidence.