SERVICES               Translation - Desktop Publishing - Editing & Proofreading - Software Localisation - Volume Typing


GLPL provides a wide range of services to help you reach the international audience. Besides providing services to large multinational organisations, we also welcome requests from individuals. No matter your project is in large or small volume, it is our pleasure to handle the project for you!



GLPL translate more than words: We translate your message, your subtle meanings, your tone and your design. We effectively re-creates the documents or websites you have produced into another language with the same message and subtle meaning for a different market around the world.

We are able to handle a wide range of subjects as well as many different languages. Our document translation expertise encompasses all the printed material you use on a daily basis and which are specific to your industry. We use professional translators to ensure all works are completed using precise language terminology for the subject matter in the translated language.



A tremendous amount of time and resources are invested before launching your products to compete globally. Every line and color must be carefully selected to convey the exact meaning of your choice. Thus, it is essential that your partner understands and has the experience to maximise your DTP efforts.

GLPL provides professional, culturally appropriate reproduction of documents to meet all your requirements. Our team will make sure your documentation is delivered in a consistent format in whatever language. This service is offered as either part of the overall translation process, or independently for clients whose documents have been written or translated elsewhere.



If your translated document needs a final independent party to cross check spelling, consistency and grammar, or ensuring that translation is in proper context, GLPL offers editing and proofreading services to review your most important documents before it reaches your target audience.

Your translated document will be allocated to the most suitable editor/proofreader to carry out the editing or/and proofreading against the original, for spelling, consistency, grammar and all of the unique individualities that goes with each different language.

Through substantive edits and careful attention to detail, we check for the following criteria to ensure that your message is clear and accurate:

        Logical, clear and easy to follow structure of the document
        Target-specific adaptation




Nowadays, more and more software vendors are looking to gain a foothold in foreign markets. In order to do so, companies may have to tailor their products to the needs and desires of individual customers and geographic areas in order to compete effectively.

Software localisation is more than straightforward translation, it is a true and comprehensive adaptation to the culture and requirements in the respective country. Software producers or vendors that localise their software products gain an enormous advantage in today's competitive marketplace, as potential customers and users can interact with the software in their own language. Therefore, the markets are widen.



Sometimes, you might have some documents in handwritten format, or typed but in hard copy and you need it to be typed in a proper editable softcopy, we also provide typing services to make your jobs easier. This service includes most of the Asian and European languages as well.